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What is “hemifacial spasm”?

Hemifacial spasm usually begins with intermittent twitching around the eye on one side of the face. Over time the twitching spreads to involve the rest of the face.

David Shin, MD (PGY-5) wins 2020 Tom Ellis Resident Research Award

Dr. Murad presented the 2020 Tom Ellis Resident Research Award to David Shin, PGY 5, for his research project, “Selection of PD1+ CD39+ tumor infiltrating lymphocytes enriches for tumor-reactive T cells in a murine glioma model.” About Neurosurgery Update 2020 Neurosurgery Update 2020 David Shin, MD…

Neurosurgery Update 2020

Improving Neurosurgical Care Through Research McKnight Brain Institute, DeWeese Auditorium RM LG-101, Saturday, January 25, 2020 Program TopicPresented by Welcome and OverviewBrian L. Hoh, MD, FAANS Professor and Chair University of Florida, Department of Neurosurgery “UF Neurosurgery History, Creativity and Connections to Osler and Cushing.”Alice Rhoton-Vlasak, MD…

What is “anesthesia dolorosa”?

“Anesthesia dolorosa” is Latin for “painful numbness.” ... It’s exactly the same feeling as a novocaine injection. If you have had novocaine for dental procedures and remember that feeling as particularly uncomfortable, you may not want to have a radio frequency lesion for trigeminal neuralgia.