Serban Negoita, MD


Serban Negoita NSG Resident Originally from Romania, Serban Negoita MD, has enjoyed a southward journey from upstate New York to Maryland and now finally Florida. He completed his undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University where he met his first love, neuroscience, while studying the neural substrates of working memory.

There he also found a special interest in emergency medical services. This included spirited rides in ambulances, participating in disaster response and acquiring competitive funding for infectious disease screening programs in the Hopkins ED.

These pursuits in acute care and neuroscience led him to enroll at the University of Maryland School of Medicine to continue his studies at the Shock Trauma Center.

He continued to investigate the relation between volume status and stroke outcomes and the molecular mechanisms of edema formation, completing a fellowship in the laboratory of J Marc Simard MD PhD as a Dean EA Reece Physician Scientist Scholar. He was a junior year AOA nominee and his work was published in Epilepsia, Science Signaling and as the Functional Paper of the Year in Neurosurgery.

A long time Gators fan, he can be found attempting to play pick-up sports as if he were Tim Tebow or Joakim Noah, participating in Bible studies, and visiting various historical sites.