Dr. Brian Hoh Cerebrovascular Research Lab

Location: Room L2-160, McKnight Brain Institute
Director: Brian Hoh, MD
Email: brian.hoh@neurosurgery.ufl.edu*

About the Lab

Dr. Hoh’s laboratory performs research investigating: 1) the biologic mechanisms for aneurysm formation and rupture using a mouse model of intracranial aneurysms; 2) the mechanisms by which hemodynamic stress at bifurcations cause inflammation that leads to aneurysm formation using in vitro cell culture flow models; 3) the development of biologic and tissue-engineered therapies for the treatment of aneurysms using a murine carotid aneurysm model; and 4) the identification of cytokines and factors responsible for aneurysm formation and rupture using human cerebral aneurysm tissue.  Dr. Hoh’s laboratory consists of a faculty assistant scientist (Koji Hosaka, MD); a research technologist (Kelly Rojas, BS); and a neurosurgeon from China (Wu Cong, MD).

Dr. Hoh laboratory has received numerous grants from the NIH, Brain Aneurysm Foundation, American Association of Neurologic Surgeons Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation, Thomas Maren Foundation, and others.

Selected laboratory publications:

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PMID: 22007074

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Hoh BL, Hosaka K, Downes DP, Nowicki KW,  Wilmer EN , Velat GJ, Scott EW