Dr. Brent A. Reynolds Neural Stem Cell Lab

Reynolds Neural Stem Cell Lab

Location: Room L3-117, McKnight Brain Institute
Director: Brent A. Reynolds, PhD
Email: brent.reynolds@neurosurgery.ufl.edu*

About the Lab

The Reynolds’ lab is focused on investigating the role precursor cells play in normal brain function and in states of injury and disease. Our approach to understanding the problem is diverse and ranges from developing enabling technologies to identify and measure precursor activity through to translational therapeutic development, via drug screening, leading to activation and deactivation (in the case of cancer stem cells) of stem cells in the adult brain. In general there are three research streams:

  1. New Technologies
  2. Cancer Stem Cells
  3. Cell Replacement Strategies

Each of these research streams are interrelated and ultimately focused on understanding the biology of stem cells and how they can be harnessed to improve brain function.