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Associate Professor
Department of Neurosurgery, University of Florida College of Medicine

Maryam Rahman MD has the title of associate professor in the department of neurosurgery at the University of Florida (UF). Dr. Rahman received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Johns Hopkins University, and attended medical school and completed a neurosurgical residency at UF. During her training she completed a two-year neuro-oncology fellowship under the direction of world-renowned scientist Brent Reynolds, PhD, studying tumor stem cells and their role in developing novel therapy for brain tumors. After residency, Dr. Rahman completed a surgical neuro-oncology fellowship at Johns Hopkins University.  

Dr. Rahman is dedicated to finding a cure for brain tumors. Her laboratory focuses on identifying novel immunotherapy approaches to overcome resistance in patients with brain cancer. Current projects include development of vaccines for the treatment of brain tumors and combining immunotherapy with MRI guided laser ablation. Dr. Rahman’s work is supported by grants from the NIH, the Preston A. Wells Jr. endowment and private foundations. Her translational research is actively being tested in human clinical trials. She has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, multiple book chapters and has been invited to speak at various national conferences and events. 

She was the first female president of the Florida Neurosurgical Society. She was on the executive committee of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and is on the Executive Committee of the Women in Neurosurgery.  


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