Residency Videos

View our video podcasts to learn first-hand about our program, facilities and the outstanding opportunities. This provides you with a unique opportunity to meet our faculty and current residents in person. They will tell you why this is a great place to be.

Resident Life at UF’s Department of Neurosurgery

… surrounded by very intelligent, very driven capable people, …” ~ William Friedman, MD 

The Surgical Experience

“We have such a tremendous clinical volume and diversity of cases so that our graduates, when they leave, are capable of handling almost any neurosurgical problem…”

The Research Experience

“…tissue engineered therapies to treat cerebral aneurisms” ~ Brian Hoh, MD 
“…(in the treatment of epilepsy) take a patient’s neural stem cells …and use them to reconstiute a damaged or otherwise malformed area of the brain” ~ Steve Roper, MD 
“…as we developed that system (UF patented Radiosurgery System) we actually developped a research program around it” ~ Frank Bova, PhD 
“…when we made that discovery (the neurosphere assay) …it opened the door to the ability of the brain to repair itself” ~ Brent Reynolds, PhD

The Educational Experience – TTI & TTP

“…that allows interns to be brought up to speed before they’re thrown into patient care scenarios” ~

The Externship Experience

“…when you’re here for a month you really will know at the end whether you fit in here and whether you’d like to be here”

Endovascular Procedures at the University of Florida

“…we’re a stroke center at the University of Florida and we get a significant volume acute schemic stroke patients that we treat with endovascular thrombectomy or intra-arterial therapy,…[and] cerebro-vascular conditions such as cerebral aneurisms, AVM… &… endovascular emobolisation procedures… and all of these cases are available for our residents to scrub in and take part in…” ~ Brian Hoh, MD

Living In Gainesville

“The resident salaries in Gainesville support a quality of life that I think is unmatched across the country.”