Residency Videos

View our video podcasts to learn first-hand about our program, facilities and the outstanding opportunities. This provides you with a unique opportunity to meet our faculty and current residents in person. They will tell you why this is a great place to be.

Residency Experience

… an environment that allows people to thrive.

Lance Governale, MD 

Surgical Experience

There aren’t many places in the country that offer a brand-new, state-of-the-art, dedicated Neuromedicine Hospital.

Jason Blatt, MD

Educational Experience – TTI & TTP

I was able to study what I wanted to study and the department supported me wholeheartedly.

Dennis Lockney, MD

Research Experience

Probably the most exciting aspect of the research that we conduct here at the University of Florida is really the potential to have a real benefit for patients in the near-term.

Duane Mitchell, MD, PhD

The Externship Experience

When you’re here for a month you really will know at the end whether you fit in here and whether you’d like to be here.

Endovascular Procedures at the University of Florida

We’re a stroke center at the University of Florida, and we get a significant volume acute ischemic stroke patients that we treat with endovascular thrombectomy or intra-arterial therapy, [and] cerebro-vascular conditions such as cerebral aneurisms, AVM and endovascular emobolisation procedures. And all of these cases are available for our residents to scrub in and take part in.

Brian Hoh, MD

Living In Gainesville

The resident salaries in Gainesville support a quality of life that I think is unmatched across the country.