Yolanda Gertsch-Lapcevic, ARNP

Yolanda Gertsch-Lapcevic, ARNPSpecial Interests

  • Neurosurgery


Yolanda came to Gainesville in 1981 for educational reasons. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1985 and her Master’s in nursing in 1993. Yolanda began her nursing career taking care of patients on the Neurosurgery floor. After 3½ years she transferred to the Surgical Intensive care unit. During that time she returned to school to focus on Graduate degree specializing in the care of the Acute and Chronic care of the neurologically impaired patient. In 2001 she pursued a career as an ARNP in the department of Neurosurgery. She initially assisted with the accreditation for Shands to establish Level 1 certification. Presently she assist with the preoperative and postoperative care of Dr Friedman’s, and Dr. Hoh’s patients.

Recently she was the recipient of the Great 100 Awards at the FNA Centennial Convention.

Yolanda enjoys her family, crafting and Girl Scouts.