William A. Friedman M.D.

William A. Friedman, professor, chairman, accomplished neurosurgeon.

Above all Dr. Friedman is driven by a passion to improve the lives of those suffering from brain disorders.

He is author of more than 250 articles and book chapters and has written a book on radiosurgery. In 1982, he joined the faculty of the Department of Neurosurgery, and is now a member of the Shands Hospital Board of Directors.


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1976 – Graduated summa cum laude
1976 – Maurice B. Rusoff Award for excellence in medicine
1982 – NIH Teacher Investigator Award (NS 00682-02)
1990 UF College of Medicine Clinical Research Prize


Other research projects in which Dr. Friedman has been a participant can be seen in his publications

Research Interests

In one of his several research interests Dr. Friedman’s collaborative work with Francis J. Bova, Ph.D., led to the development of the patented UF radiosurgery system.

Known as the LINAC Scalpel it  has become one of the most popular commercial radiosurgery systems worldwide.  Friedman and Bova received the 1990 UF College of Medicine Clinical Research Prize in recognition of this accomplishment.  read more

Professional Appointments

Member of the Shands Hospital Board of Directors
Director of the Preston Wells Center for Brain Tumor Therapy at the University of Florida
Past-President of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons
Past President of the Florida Neurosurgical Society
Past President of the International Stereotactic Radiosurgery Society
Past Editor of Neurosurgery On Call, the Internet homepage of organized neurosurgery
Gubernatorial Appointee to the Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research