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Pediatric Brain Tumor – Mycah’s Story

Mycah’s Story When a brainstem tumor almost took Mycah’s life, her UF Health pediatric neurosurgeon prepared a plan to save her. Just weeks before her eighth birthday in late November 2018, Mycah Moody began feeling fatigued. When she started losing weight, could barely eat without choking and was coughing constantly,…

Pediatric Arachnoid Cyst: Kayden’s Story

When Madeline Lee went to her 28-week prenatal checkup, she was not able to see her son’s head in the sonograms. Her doctor later determined that the fetus had abnormal fluid in his brain and referred Madeline to UF Health in Gainesville. “Needless to say, the results tore me apart,”…

Pediatric Chiari: Delvis’ Story

More than just an ordinary headache How a Chiari malformation diagnosis was the key to ending Delvis’ pain. Delvis Mendez Jr., known to his family as Guizmo, was a typical active 6-year-old. He loved to play with friends, did well in school and even earned his yellow belt in taekwondo.

Pediatric Brain Tumor: Mikah’s Story

Living a normal life with a rare form of glioblastoma One day in January 2018, Mikah Phillips came home from school with a headache. After it persisted, his mom, Debbie, took the 9-year-old to a pediatrician. Eventually, they went to a pediatric emergency room in Panama City, Florida, where…