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Five-Year, $7.15 Million Grant to Study Muscular Dystrophy

Five-Year, $7.15 Million Grant to Study Muscular Dystrophy

Published: Sep 30th, 2015

A new five-year, $7.15 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will support the University of Florida’s continued study of MRI to track Duchenne muscular dystrophy disease progression. Duchenne […]

Stroke Outcomes Affected by Insurance Status, UF Researcher Shows

Published: Sep 24th, 2015

Stroke victims who use Medicaid or are uninsured were more likely to die, stay hospitalized longer and have worse medical outcomes than patients with private insurance, a study by University […]

Cutting Off The Way Some Cancer Cells Communicate

Published: Sep 24th, 2015

The rapid spread of a common and deadly brain tumor has been slowed down significantly in a mouse model by cutting off the way some cancer cells communicate, according to […]

Achievements of UF Neurosurgery researcher Dr. Duane Mitchell recognized in several media outlets.

Published: Jun 16th, 2015

Recognition in prestigious international science journal “Nature”: Dendritic Cell Vaccines on the Move Tetanus toxoid and CCL3 improve dendritic cell vaccines in mice and glioblastoma patients   Recognition from TV Network […]