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ReMission Summit 2021

ReMission Summit is a workshop for leading brain tumor researchers and clinicians, industry innovators, and government neuro-oncology experts.

UF Research Foundation: Brian Hoh, M.D.

Brian Hoh, professor in the UF College of Medicine and chair of the neurosurgery department, is a surgeon-scientist specializing in the study and treatment of strokes – especially brain aneurysms, which are weak spots on blood vessels whose rupture leads to deadly bleeding in the brain.

Inventors Honored at Virtual Standing InnOvation Event

College of Medicine researchers Drs. David Tran and Son Le developed an approach of using fate determinants to reprogram glioblastoma multiforme (cancer) cells into immune cells to be used as an in situ vaccination approach. About Standing InnOvation: Standing InnOvation is an annual event to honor University of Florida innovators who have disclosed,…