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I. Cancer Immunology

II. Immune Checkpoint Inhibition

III. T Cell Mediated Immunity

IV. Surgical Considerations for Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Malignant Glioma

V. Immunotherapy for GBM

Presenter Bios

Maryam Rahman, MD

Dr. Maryam Rahmnan

Dr. Maryam Rahman is an assistant professor in the department of neurosurgery at the University of Florida. She specializes in the surgical treatment of brain tumors. Her research focuses on identifying novel immunotherapy approaches to overcome resistance in patients with brain cancer. Dr. Rahman’s work is supported by grants from the NIH, the Preston A. Wells Jr. endowment and private foundations. Her translational research in dendritic cell vaccines and immune checkpoint inhibitors is actively being tested in human clinical trials. She also dedicates her time to training the next generation and has been awarded multiple teaching awards including Outstanding Basic Science Teacher in 2016 and Exemplary Teacher award in 2018 and 2019. She currently serves as member at large of the CNS Executive Committee and serves as chair of online education, editor of Nexus, tumor section editor of SANS, editor of webinars and is faculty in the Leadership Institute.

Catherine Flores, PhD

Catherine Flores

Catherine T. Flores, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery and Principal Investigator of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Engineering Laboratory within the Preston A. Wells, Jr. Center for Brain Tumor Therapy and UF Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program. Dr. Flores received her master’s degree in the immunology of infectious diseases from the University of London, UK before receiving her Ph.D. in Stem Cell Biology in the Department of Hematology/Immunology from Imperial College London, UK. She conducted her post-doctoral training at the Duke University Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center where her primary focus was on developing immunotherapy against brain tumors in Duke University’s Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program. During this period, Dr. Flores also conducted parallel studies in the use of stem cells for neuroprotection against radiation at the Duke University Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Flores joined the University of Florida faculty to become part of the Preston A. Wells Jr. Center for Brain Tumor Therapy in order to focus on developing novel approaches to target brain tumors. She has developed a pre-clinical platform that utilizes tumor-specific autologous immune cells to efficiently target intracranial tumors. Her research interests are primarily in determining biological interactions between various cellular compartments involved in adoptive immunotherapy. Her studies also focus on leveraging systemic toxicity of frequently practiced clinical treatments in order to further enhance anti-tumor efficacy of immunotherapy.

David Shin, MD

David Shin

David Shin, MD was born in Durham, NC and raised in Rochester, MN. He attended Columbia University, graduating with a BA in Biology and a concentration in Psychology in 2011. During his time in New York City, he received certification as an EMT-B and was actively involved with the on-campus ambulance corps, Columbia University Emergency Medical Services. Upon entry to the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis, MN, he received a commission through the United States Army Reserve as a Second Lieutenant in the Medical Service Corps to pursue his medical education. During medical school, he was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha and assisted in the development of the Minnesota Hand Function Test, a novel quantitative touchscreen-based assessment of upper extremity function. In May 2015, he received his medical degree and was commissioned as a Captain in the United States Army Medical Corps. He was then stationed in Gainesville to pursue training in neurosurgery at the University of Florida and is scheduled to complete his training in 2022. His neurosurgical interests include deep brain stimulation and neurocritical care. His hobbies include running, biking, wakeboarding, playing the violin, the continuous disappointment of all Minnesota sports, and competitive video gaming.