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Our Faculty and Staff

Our Faculty

Photo Name & Title Special Interests
william_friedman_thumbnail_rgb William A. Friedman, MD
Professor & Chairman
Clinical Interests:

Neuro-oncologyBrain Tumor Surgery,
Trigeminal NeuralgiaRadiosurgery
Photo: J. Richard Lister, MD, MBA J. Richard Lister, MD, MBA
Professor & Associate Chairman
Clinical Interests:

Neuro-oncologyNeurovascular Surgery,
General adult neurosurgery

Photo: Spiros Blackburn, MD Spiros Blackburn, MD
Assistant Professor
Clinical Interests:
Cerebrovascular Endovascular and Skull Base Surgery,
Colloid Cysts, Brain Aneurysms, EC-IC Bypass,  Brain and Spinal Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs), Moya Moya Disease, Carotid Artery Stenosis, Brain Tumors.
 perry-dhaliwal-thumbnail Perry Dhaliwal, MD Neurosurgeon.
Clinical Interests:

Complex Spine Surgery
General Adult Neurosurgery
Child Health Education
farkas-thumbnail Jacques N. Farkas, MD.
Associate Professor
Clinical Interests:
Photo: Kelly D. Foote, MD Kelly D. Foote, MD
Associate Professor
Clinical Interests:
Movement Disorders,Deep Brain Stimulation,
Brain Tumor Surgery,
hoh_b_thumbnail Brian L. Hoh, MD, FACS, FAHA, FAANS
Neurosurgeon, Residency Program Director
Clinical Interests:

Cerebrovascular Disease,
Moyamoya Disease
Photo: Daniel Hoh, MD Daniel Hoh, MD
Assistant Professor
Clinical Intersts:
Minimally Invasive
 and Complex Spine Surgery

Spinal Cord Regeneration
Neurologic Rehabilitation
Photo: R. Patrick Jacob, MD R. Patrick Jacob, MD 
Clinical Interests:
Complex Spine Surgery - including all types of spinal instrumentation,
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
german-montoya-thumbnail German Montoya, MD Neurosurgeon
Clinical Interests:
Neurotrauma, Hydrocephalus

Brain & Spinal Trauma Surgery
Spine Surgery
Brain Tumors
Photo: Gregory J.A. Murad, MD Gregory J.A. Murad, MD
Assistant Professor
Neurosurgeon, Associate Residency Program Director
Clinical Interests:
General Adult Neurosurgery,

Brain Tumor Surgery,

Photo: David W. Pincus, MD, PhD David W. Pincus, MD, PhD
Clinical Interests:
Pediatric Neurosurgery including:
Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors,  Epilepsy
Complex Spine Surgery,  Vascular Malformations

Photo: Maryam Rahman, MD Maryam Rahman, MD, MS
Assistant Professor
Clinical Interests:
Brain and Skull Base Tumors
Brain Tumor Surgery
Photo: Albert L. Rhoton, Jr., MD Albert L. Rhoton, Jr., MD
Professor & Chairman Emeritus
Clinical Interests:
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Hemifacial Spasm,

Pituitary Tumors,  Acoustic Neuromas,
Microsurgical Anatomy
Photo: Steven N. Roper, MD Steven N. Roper, MD
Clinical Interests:
Epilepsy Surgery

Surgery for Pituitary Tumors,
Epilepsy Research
 Tsappidi-thumbnail Samuel K. Tsappidi, MD Interventional Neurologist.
Clinical Interests:
Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM)
vasquez-thumbnail Raul Alberto Vasquez-Castellanos, MD
Clinical Lecturer
Clinical Interests:
Complex adult spinal surgery
Spine deformity correction
Spine tumors  


Research Faculty

Photo Name & Title Special Interests
Frank J. Bova, PhD
Stereotactic Radiosurgery,
Computer Guided Neurosurgery
hassan-azari-thumbnail Hassan Azari, PhD
Assistant Scientist
Neural Stem Cell & Regenerative Neuroscience
Developing Neural Stem Cell Related Assays
Brain Tumor Immunotherapy
Loic P. Deleyrolle, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Glioma Tumor initiating Cells
Innovative Technologies
Neural Stem Cell Functions and Dysfunctions
catherine-flores-thumbnail Catherine T. Flores, PhD
Assistant Professor
Intracranial Tumors
Koji Hosaka, PhD
Assistant Scientist
Intracranial Aneurysms
Aneurysm and Vascular Repair
jianping-huang-thumbnail Jianping Huang, PhD
Associate Research Professor
M Duane Mitchell, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Dan Neal, BSME, MS Dan Neal
Health Outcomes and Policy
Didier A. Rajon, PhD
Assistant Scientist
Customized Positioning Fixtures for
Neurological Guided Surgery,
Rapid Prototyping Technology
Brent Reynolds, PhD
Associate Professor
Neural Stem Cells, New Technologies,
Cancer Stem Cells,
Cell Replacement Strategies
elias-s-thumbnail Elias Sayour MD
Assistant Professor
Pediatric Brain Tumors
Immunotherapeutics for Pediatric Tumors
Florian Siebzehnrubl, MSc., PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Malignant glioma invasion,
Brain Repair,Cancer stem cells
Dennis Steindler, PhD
Neural Stem Cell Therapies,
Debilitating Neurological Diseases,
Brain Repair, Brain Tumors
Oleg Suslov, PhD
Research Scientist
Gene Expression Profiling,
RNA Amplification from a Single Cell
Vinata Vedam-Mai, MSc, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate
Neural Stem Cells
Deep Brain Stimulation
Parkinson’s disease
Shanshan Wang, MD, PhD
Biological Scientist
Neural Stem Cells, Neurogenesis,
Parkinson’s Disease
Mu Yang, MS
Assistant-In Computer Guided Surgery
Computer Guided Surgery
Tong Zheng, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Neural Stem Cell Therapies, Brain Repair
Fuwen Zhou, MD, PhD.
Assistant Scientist
Cellular and molecular basis of
epilepsy and co-morbidity

Joint Faculty

Photo Name & Title Department
Photo: Chris S. Firment, MD Chris S. Firment, MD Department of Radiology
Photo: Michael E. Mahla, MD Michael E. Mahla, MD Department of Anesthesiology
Photo: Michael S. Okun, MD Michael S. Okun, MD Department of Neurology
Photo: Latha Stead, MD Latha Stead, MD Department of Emergency Medicine

Education Faculty

Photo Name & Title Special Interests
Photo: Gwen Lombard, PhD, RN Gwen Lombard, PhD, RN
Clinical Assistant Professor
Development of Innovative Educational Experiences,
Medical Simulation, Faculty Development